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Somatic IFS Summer, 2022 - Announcing a California Retreat

This will be a short message as I have now become a member of the Covid Club and don’t have my full energy or focus back yet.

Since I last wrote, the two winter Somatic IFS retreats in Costa Rica have filled, but we have launched another week-long retreat—this one in California. It will be held at the Mt. Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Like the Costa Rica retreats, it is open to IFS-trained and IFS-informed people and is limited to 30 participants. For more information and to apply go to under In-person Programs.

I continue to be grateful for your interest in Somatic IFS. I regret I am not available for individual therapy, consultation, or certification reviewing but I am happy that the ranks of trained SIFS therapists is growing. We just completed another 84-hr SIFS online Training, and this July will have completed our In-person SIFS Training. I will soon have a link to a list of all the trained SIFS Therapists with their contact information on my website.

If you are interested in my 6-hour introduction to Somatic IFS, there is one for purchase through LifeArchitect. .

I wish you all a fun, healthy, restful summer.



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