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Somatic IFS Newsletter October 2022

This walking path is a few minutes from our house. The carpet of fallen leaves, the brilliant golds and reds against the blue sky and black trunks delights me more this year than any I can remember, reminding me of impermanence and the preciousness of every moment.

As I leave summer behind and move into fall and winter, I look forward to three retreats where I will be able to be with some of you in the flesh—one in California, and two in Costa Rica. These filled very quickly, and so I want you to be the first to know of a new Somatic IFS retreat in Ireland next October.

I also am happy to bring to you the Somatic IFS Practitioner’s Directory I promised in my last newsletter. The directory includes Somatic IFS assistants as well as those who have completed both the 30-hour program (Phase 1) and the 54-hour Training (Phase 2), as well as being trained in IFS.

Somatic IFS Retreat, Ireland, October 2023.

October 2nd– 9th, 2023- Killarney, County Kerry

Our Irish Somatic IFS retreat will be hosted in a beautiful luxurious boutique hotel in the South of Ireland. The retreat location offers you the best of Irish culture in an intimate atmosphere with luxurious surroundings, spacious guest rooms and the Zen Day Spa to unwind further and enjoy the retreat.

All of my 30-hour retreats are primarily an experiential approach to Somatic IFS, are open to IFS graduates and IFS-informed people, and are a prerequisite to the longer Somatic IFS Training. Like the California retreat, this retreat is the brain-child of a past participant in the Costa Rica retreat. They both felt inspired to bring this somatic experience to people in their local communities.

You will find more information on this Ireland retreat on my website, about the hotel in Killarney and complete details about this retreat at where you can register your interest to receive information about pricing along with an online application link.

Below are three sources for video-taped teachings on Somatic IFS.

1) As part of the IFS-I Community Program I am currently teaching an introduction to Somatic IFS with an embodied approach to healing trauma. It is available to IFS Level 1 attendees/graduates and the IFS Online Circle program participants. I have completed the first two of four modules. The two live calls are 11/21, and 12/12, all at 11:00-12:15 CT

2) A four-hour video introduction to Somatic IFS with didactics, meditation, and practice instructions. Contact

3) Two FREE 2-hr videos available through Embody Lab. They were a part of the 2022 Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program.

Online Somatic IFS Training Spring 2023--TBA


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