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Somatic IFS Newsletter November, 2023

As I write this on All Souls Day or Day of the Dead, along with preparing for traveling tomorrow, I take time to honor and grieve the dead and to give thanks for the gifts of my ancestors and all who have gone before us.

I recently returned from a Step 1 retreat in Killarney, Ireland where I found a deeper connection to my Celtic roots. While we were together exploring the roots of individual and collective trauma in our bodies to free up our embodied Self energy, thousands of armed Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and began brutalizing the residents. Since then, we grieve the loss of so many innocent lives in Gaza, Israel, and many places in the world.

No words can convey the gravity and depth of complexity of the immense suffering in our world, the depth of our collective heartbreak. Tomorrow, I leave for New York where we will bring a Step 1 Somatic IFS program to the Jewish Orthodox community. May we all find the healing which will lead to a path to peace and an end to hatred.

In between Ireland and Brooklyn, I also had the privilege of bringing Somatic IFS as a part of a three-month training offered by Life Architect--Integrating Somatic Techniques in Therapy. I mentioned this training in my August newsletter, and for those of you who did not register, you may be able to purchase the recordings of the somatic approaches with the esteemed Gabor Maté, Janina Fisher, Deb Dana, Efu Nyaki, Giten Tonkov, Esther Perez, Michael Mithoefer, Vincentia Schroeter, Tamu Thomas, and Elia Mrak.

In between these two online workshops, I attended the annual IFS Conference in Denver where I, along with Michi Rose, received the first Life Time Achievement Award. I am still trying to breathe in this incredible honor. Somatic IFS Staff member LaDonna Silva threw an amazing celebration for me and all the Somatic IFS folks. Several of you live-streamed our party. If you missed the conference, missed the celebration, or want to relive it, in addition to the pics below, you can find a multitude of photos and videos here:

I am somewhat challenged in embracing the benefits of social media, but gratefully others of my staff are not. So, In addition to this newsletter, you can stay connected in the SIFS community by joining the Somatic IFS Google group @ Many of you found out about the celebration at the conference because of this Google group. We also now have a Somatic IFS group on Facebook: I hope you will find these useful for staying connected and sharing your thoughts and information.

In addition to this newsletter, both of these platforms will inform you about future programs. The Step 1 programs being offered this coming winter and spring are full, but I am planning both an in-person Step 1 and an online Step 2 program for next fall and winter and will post the details soon. Below are some of the programs being offered by the Somatic IFS staff in Bali, Portugal, and Malta. Apologies if I am missing other offerings from SIFS staff or SIFS Therapists.

Life Architect Parts and Breathwork Retreat

March 1-8, 2024

During this retreat we are bringing Somatic Parts Work and Breathwork together to facilitate a transformative healing journey for mental health professionals. Guided by LaDonna Silva, a Certified IFS therapist, and Pablo Castro, breathwork facilitator.

IFS and Indigenous Circles Portugal 2024

Co-facilitation by: LaDonna Silva, Kristen Burge and Del Laverdure

Join us for IFS healing circles, sweat lodge adaptation, and group sharing!!

March 31-April 5, 2024

Here is the Google Form link:

Souliology retreat with Patricia Rich

Women’s Self-Led Sexuality Retreat in Malta: For Healing, Pleasure and Empowerment

There are a few openings for April 15-19, 2024

If you are a mental health professional and want to stay connected with the Somatic IFS community check out:

We also now have a new Somatic IFS group on Facebook:


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