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Susan's MALTA RETREAT in 2024 is currently oversubscribed. 
If you would like to join a waitlist for a cancellations slot, please 

register your interest at

What other participants have said about this retreat...

“The bodywork and opportunities for yoga and getting out to explore in our excursions were wonderful and allowed everything to sink in in a truly magical way. I can’t wait to return.”


“I have been deeply touched by how honoring Beth and Susan have been. I have felt completely supported and cared for from Day One.” 


“Susan creates a sacred container for our embodied learning that allows me to be in Self energy—it is in my spiritual as well as “somatic” memory.” 


“I am returning with a renewed sense of my own strength, a new awareness of ways in which I diminish my strength and a much stronger sense of my own light and the Source.” 



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