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Bristol, UK

In-person retreat postponed

Please click HERE for the online offering beginning 15 February 2021

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    Somatic IFS offers a path for those of us who yearn for wholeness to enter safely into the rich territory of the bodymind through the practices of awareness, breathing, resonance, movement and touch applied to the IFS Model. 


    Through guided exercises, journaling, live demonstrations and small group experiences, we will invite and witness the implicit body stories of our parts, restoring the fullest expression of Embodied Self and experience the body as a source of guidance and a vessel for Spirit. 


    Supported and nourished by the healing energies of this retreat center, the guided explorations of the Somatic IFS practices will invite a deeper intimacy with our embodied internal family.  

     This retreat is being offered to participants who desire to incorporate somatic practices into their personal and professional lives.


This retreat is open to IFS graduates and IFS-informed people and is limited to 24 participants.

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