Somatic IFS Series Moscow
ONLINE June - November 2021
         This series of six 4-hour experiential sessions offers an opportunity to learn the practices of Somatic IFS. Taught in English with Russian translation.

Prerequisites:  IFS Level 1 Training or Acceptance into a Level 1 training

There will be a maximum of 50 participants


Thursdays 5pm-9pm (Moscow time - GMT+3)

June 10

July 15

Aug 26

Sept 16

Oct 21



Additional Embodiment Practice Groups will be available in between sessions


To register contact Maria



Session Topics

  • Session 1: Awareness – exploring body sensations experienced in the present moment, enhancing Somatic Awareness.

  • Session 2: Conscious Breathing – helping identify habitual breathing patterns and developing breathing practices for regulating emotional arousal.

  • Session 3: Radical Resonance – explaining the physical systems associated with resonance and looking at how we apply this information within a relationship.

  • Session 4: Mindful Movement – how to identify life experiences that have restricted your movement impulses. How to apply sequential developmental

  • Session 5: Attuned Touch – explore early childhood experience with touch neglect or touch abuse. How to use imaginary attuned touch with one part and assess its response.

  • Session 6: Embodied Self – Focussing on the qualities associated with the state of Self-energy and identifying the nonverbal expression of those qualities. How to use the practices of Somatic IFS to re-establish Embodied Self-energy.movement patterns to access and witness implicitly-held memories and to reconnect with our embryological wisdom and creativity.