Somatic IFS Practices Series UK

ONLINE Sept - Nov 2021

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    This 11-week series of six 3-hour experiential sessions and five practice groups offers an opportunity to learn the practices of Somatic IFS. It is a prerequisite for those who would like to attend the Somatic IFS Training.  To display details for the UK, click HERE.

Dates & times

  • Session 1, Somatic awareness: Monday 13th September, 9am-12:15pm CDT

  • Embodiment practice groups: Sunday 19th September or Monday 20th September, 9-11am CDT

  • Session 2, Conscious Breathing: Monday 27th September, 9am-12:15pm CDT

  • Embodiment practice groups: Monday 4th October, 9-11am CDT

  • Session 3, Radical Resonance: Monday 11th October, 9am-12:15pm CDT

  • Embodiment practice groups: Monday 18th October, 9-11am CDT

  • Session 4, Mindful Movement: Monday 25th October, 9am-12:15pm CDT

  • Embodiment practice groups: Monday 1st November, 10am-12pm CDT (UK ends British Summer Time Oct. 31)

  • Session 5, Attuned Touch: Monday 8th November, 9am-12:15pm CST

  • Embodiment practice groups: Monday 15th November, 9-11am CST

  • Session 6, Embodied Self: Monday 22nd November, 9am-12:15pm CST



Participants will need to have completed one of the following before attending this programme of Somatic IFS sessions:

  • An IFS Introductory Workshop

  • Online Circle Training or

  • IFS Level 1 training.

In addition, participants need to be comfortable with and have experience of working in groups, going inside, working with their own inner experience and sharing what they have learned.

To apply for this training, please visit the IFS UK Booking Page

For more information, click HERE to download the full flyer.

Payment Details:

$800 USD. A non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure your place.

Final payment is due by August 13th, 2021.

Cancellations: The deposit is non-refundable; the remaining fee is refundable until August 13th 2021. Please see full conditions on the T&Cs page on the IFS UK website.

Session Topics

  • Session 1:Awareness ​– exploring body sensations experienced in the present moment, enhancing Somatic Awareness.

  • Session 2: ​Conscious Breathing ​– helping identify habitual breathing patterns and developing breathing practices for regulating emotional arousal.

  • Session 3: ​Radical Resonance ​– explaining the physical systems associated with resonance and looking at how we apply this information within a relationship.

  • Session 4: ​Mindful Movement ​– how to identify life experiences that have restricted your movement impulses. How to apply sequential developmental

  • Session 5: ​Attuned Touch ​– explore early childhood experience with touch neglect or touch abuse. How to use imaginary attuned touch with one part and assess its response.

  • Session 6: ​Embodied Self ​– Focussing on the qualities associated with the state of Self-energy and identifying the nonverbal expression of those qualities. How to use the practices of Somatic IFS to re-establish Embodied Self-energy.movement patterns to access and witness implicitly-held memories and to reconnect with our embryological wisdom and creativity.

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