Online Introduction to Somatic IFS
Below are three sources for video-taped teachings on Somatic IFS. 

1)  As part of the IFS-I Community Program I am currently teaching an introduction to Somatic IFS with an embodied      approach to healing trauma.  It is available to IFS Level 1 attendees/graduates and the IFS Online Circle program participants.  I have completed the first two of four modules.  The two live calls are 11/7, and 12/12, all at 11:00-12:15 CT. You can sign up here 

2)  A four-hour video introduction to Somatic IFS with didactics, meditation, and practice instructions is available at  

3)  Two 2-hour videos are available through Embody Lab.  They were a part of the 2022 Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program.

  • Experience the five practices of Somatic IFS (awareness, breath, resonance, movement, and touch).

  • Understand how protector parts may fear and resist embodiment due to individual, cultural, ethnic, ancestral, and transgenerational burdens.

  • Understand how exiles use the body to tell their stories through sensation and movement.

  • Discover how these Somatic Practices integrate with the IFS Model to access parts of the internal system of individuals and facilitate their unburdening, restoring our Embodied Self energy.

  • Understand how embodying the internal system, including Self, is crucial for addressing interpersonal, intergenerational, and collective trauma.